Saturday, January 19, 2008

Songwriters of the Future

Back when I was young, we had these online discussion forums called web boards - what? They still have those? I guess I just haven't used one in a while, since someone told me blogging was the cool thing to do. I'm sure in the near future, it will all be considered antiquated technology. I have no doubt that the very child now growing in my wife's womb will someday look at me in shocked hilarity and exclaim "You used to post on web boards?!? Wow, I didn't know my dad was such a fooblerond." (In the future, of course, they will have new words to describe someone who is hopelessly out of touch.) Then the child will take a 6D holo-video of their embarrassing dad with their Apple i-Robot and send it via telepathy-text to their best friend/virtual classmate in Tokyo. I will probably be put out by this disrespect, and become slightly defensive. "Is it really necessary to make fun of me to your friends?" I will say, "They'll see this all tonight on Reality World anyway." (By this time, you know, the entire world will be a reality tv show. There will be camera crews in every house 24/7, and thousands of channels for each geographical region. But being the self-absorbed people we are, everyone will only watch their own channel to see what happened to themselves and all their friends that day. There will also be, by necessity, a spin-off reality show called "Lives of Reality World Camerapersons" that targets the only demographic not receiving regular exposure on the rest of the Reality World Network.)

Ummm...sorry, I got sidetracked. I was talking about a web board - to be more specific the "Webb Board" located on the website of a wee bald musical genius named Derek Webb. There was a very friendly, intelligent, artistic community there that kept a lively discussion going on a smorgasboard buffet of topics. (Although I now believe that many of them were only covertly looking for spouses...*turns to his cousin and winks*...) Btw, I use past tense when describing this community only because I no longer frequent it - i don't know if it exists still or not. Maybe I should find out. Anyway, there was an ever-present thread going there for songwriters. People would post their latest pieces and get help and critique from the rest of the community - and I remember that it was really a great outlet and encouragement for my feeble attempts at the craft. I started thinking about that now, because I believe I'm finally coming out of a musical dry spell that I was beginning to fear might last forever. I haven't played guitar or written songs in so long...but now...well it seems like the creative juices are at least beginning to trickle. Perhaps if I come up with anything worthwhile in the future, I'll post it here... Writing a truly worthwhile song, however, is the hardest thing for me to do. That's actually what I was going to elaborate on in this post, but now I've already rambled too much. So sometime in the future (before blogs and the internet go out of style) I will post my thoughts on songwriting, and perhaps a few of my favorite lyrics of all time. Cheers.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas @ Big Bear

I know this is a little after the fact, but I thought I would post a few pics from our weekend at Big Bear. There wasn't alot of snow on the ground, but It was still definitely good to get up in the mountains. And the lack of snow didn't seem to bother most of these snow-starved Californians... they still lined their cars up at every wide spot in the road and flocked by the dozens to frolick around in little patches of crusty, dirty snow leftovers. It was amusing. At any rate, we kept a roaring fire going and lazed around the cabin most of the weekend stuffing our faces and playing foosball. On Christmas Eve it was about 50 degrees and we went to a tubing run, and then on Christmas the temp dropped to freezing and stayed there all day. The big bummer for the weekend was that we had to take Grandpa to the hospital on Christmas. Their doctor had told them they didn't need to take oxygen up, but because of the altitude change he started having congestive heart failure again, and we had to have the paramedics come to get him down the killer set of stairs at the cabin. They got his oxygen levels up at the hospital and just kept him in over night and he's doing fine now. The big fun for the weekend of course was springing the news about our baby in the making...that was fun. I thought we did a good job keeping it a secret up until Christmas Day - even with Jess eating constantly and nonchalantly dashing to the bathroom to throw up. Most of all we just enjoyed at least feeling like we were out in the woods again, smelling the pine trees and wood smoke and watching the critters... Ah, the simple life.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The "Big" News

Well, here you have it. For those of you who haven't heard through the proverbial grape vine (which actually moves faster than high-speed internet in many parts of North Idaho)...we are officially prego. Well, Jess is at least - I haven't shown any symptoms yet. I would elaborate on this momentous occasion and all of it's grave and joyous trappings, but I'm afraid it really hasn't sunk in yet. And it probably won't for me until the baby comes - which is theoretically supposed to happen August 9th, meaning Jess is about 8 weeks along right now. We weren't planning this yet, but we are excited nonetheless. Excited, content, and quite overwhelmed with a vague air of confusion and paranoia thrown in for good measure. I guess that's nothing out of the usual for me. Jess, on the other hand, mostly just feels nausea right now. We're both hoping that passes soon. So Happy New Year to all! I know ours is sure to be filled with excitement, hard work, and lots of decisions.........
Holy crap. We're having a baby.