Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all...There's a lot of people we wish we could see this Christmas, but we hope your holiday is full of joy, peace, and contentment. (Even if you don't get to be with US...I know that truly is a great loss for you.) To the left you can see how far our tree has come since my last post. Actually, it's pretty much dead now, but that's what you get when you cut a tree down and stick it in your house for a month. It looks pretty anyway. Jess and I have officially declared tonight (Saturday) to be our own Private Christmas Eve. Tomorrow we will have our own Private Christmas Morning, and then head up to Big Bear where Mom and Bill and Grandma and Grandpa are waiting for us at a cabin they rented for the week. It just dumped snow up there, so hopefully it sticks around. We'll do some sledding, relax with hot beverages by a real wood fire, and thus it will presumably feel like a "real" Christmas this year - something we are both looking forward to. Due to Christmas on a Tuesday and the generosity of my boss, I get a four day weekend (Sat - Tues) - and due forces unknown and unexpected, Jess actually gets four days off as well (Sun - Wed). So I'll probably actually just take an extra day off, and we'll stay up there until Wednesday. No need to rush into a 3 hr drive down a snowy mountain after eating a big Christmas dinner - that's what I always say at least. Well, as I said earlier, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your respective families and friends....And God bless us, every one.